We are the

Josephine Joan Gallery


The Josephine Joan Gallery is a collaboration between Leanne Sargeant and Valerie Lewis. with the mission of celebrating the thoughtful, experimental and delightful. The gallery is named to honor their grandmothers Josephine and Joan,.

Josephine Joan had its beginnings inside the Magoski Arts Colony located in downtown Fullerton.  The colony was a collection of artists and galleries all under one roof. Sadly it shut its doors in 2018.

To submit a show for consideration use the button below to show us your work or email us at josephinejoangallery@gmail.com. Details about how our gallery is run are found below this form. We are DIY and do not take any commissions or fees.

We look forward to seeing your work!

How DIY works:

The gallery does not take a commission or charge a fee in exchange for artists hanging their own work, taking their own sales, providing their own refreshments etc. In other words, the gallery does not make any money from shows.

Reception times are available on the first Friday of each month from 6:00 to 10:00 pm during the downtown Fullerton art walk. 

The gallery reserves the right to adjust any show or edit out work that is either not to our standard, or a good fit.

515 W Commonwealth Ave, Ste. 102 
Fullerton CA 92832